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We try hard to stay abreast of current events within our industry and endeavour to let our customers know what is happening. However if you know something we don't know e-mail us and we will tell the world.
17 / 10 / 2012

New Cashless Transactions


Due to a law passed in April this year as of December 3rd 2012 we will no longer be able to purchase metals from our clients with cash.


We will pay by BACS, cheque or paypal.


This law has been forced on us , however we must as with all yards conform to government policy.

24 / 08 / 2012

Maldon Metals I.D. Cards

ID. Card
ID. Card

Due to Operation Tonadeo we, as with all yards, have to take photo identification from all clients.  

This has to be in the form of a rivers licence or a paaport with current utility bill.

No ID no sale.

We are happy to give a maldon metals ID card so that ID doesn't have to be shown every time.


Maldon Metals ServicingOur Clients are individuals and require individual and unique levels of service.

We like to work closely with our Clients whether it is our Sales Manager Paul Ransome or one of our Directors, Colin or Ben, we get to know the client and what they require.
Maldon Metals ProcessingAs soon as metals are collected or delivered into our premises they are separated, sorted and graded so that the Clients gets the right price for the right metal.

There are various ways that we work on metals and there are several types of machines we use.
Maldon Metals TransportTransport is a hugely significant part of the service we provide. We offer various transportation solutions free of charge with efficiency and alacrity.

We have various vehicles; small vans, Luton Van with tail-lift, 7.5 ton lorry, skip lorry and roll-on-off lorry with skips that vary from 12yd to 40yd.
Maldon Metals AnalysisBecause we deal with many Engineering Companies it is essential to grade the solids and swarfs as accurately as possible.

This is done with a Spectro gun which gives a meticulously accurate grade of the materials.